800W | Replace HPS | Optimize Spectrum

High-Efficiency Plant Light with Versatile Spectra

Enjoy a shadow-free, waterproof design with effortless installation, ensuring optimal plant growth.


XTAC boasts an impressive 2.8 umol/J light efficiency, maximizing energy conversion and minimizing waste. Its precise light output ensures healthy, rapid plant growth, making it an ideal choice for efficient plant lighting solutions.

5 years Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with our generous 5-year warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction. This demonstrates our commitment to delivering a durable and dependable product.

Multiple Spectrums Available

Customize the light spectrum to suit your plants’ precise requirements with a range of selectable options. Select the ideal spectrum for each growth stage, optimizing plant development.

IP65 Waterproof

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this IP65 waterproof-rated light protects against water and dust, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Easy Installation

Setting up this plant light is effortless! Its user-friendly design and clear instructions ensure a quick and hassle-free installation, making it operational in no time.


Eliminate shadows with our innovative plant light design, ensuring uniform light distribution and even coverage across all your plants.

Input VoltageAC 100-277V
LED ChipsSamsung LM301B
PPF2240±5% umol/s
Beam Angle120°
Product Size913*363*75mm
Single Net Weight14.2 kg
Body ColarSilver
Power Factor>0.98
lifespan>50,000 hours
Number of LED’s920 PCS
Efficacy2.8 umol/J
IP RatingIP65

Upgrade to our LED grow lights with a remarkable 1:1 efficiency, providing a perfect replacement for HPS lighting systems.

Step into the future of plant cultivation with our cutting-edge plant light, offering the ultimate HPS replacement experience. With an exceptional 1:1 efficiency, this revolutionary light delivers performance on par with traditional HPS systems while consuming significantly less energy. Bid farewell to outdated HPS technology and embrace the next generation of plant cultivation with our groundbreaking 1:1 replacement solution!





This versatile grow light emits a comprehensive spectrum of light wavelengths essential for robust plant growth and development. Its adaptability allows it to cater to a wide range of plants, whether they are cultivated in a greenhouse, hydroponic system, or indoor environment. By providing optimal light intensity for photosynthesis, plants thrive with enhanced health and vibrancy. Furthermore, its full-spectrum technology ensures that plants receive the precise amount of light they need for optimal growth. With its durable construction and energy-efficient design, this grow light is an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts seeking reliable and long-lasting lighting solutions. Its versatility and full-spectrum capabilities make it suitable for a variety of applications, making it a preferred option for plant enthusiasts across different settings.

Proven Success

Perfect Indoor Growing Companion

Upgrade your indoor gardening with our advanced plant light. Designed for superior performance, it offers exceptional efficiency, waterproofing, and versatile spectral options. Elevate your indoor cultivation experience today!

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