High-luminance | Shadow-free| Quick-install

A Versatile-Spectra High-Efficiency Plant Light Solution

Boasting a shadow-free and waterproof design, this ultimate solution offers effortless installation and customizable spectra, guaranteeing your plants’ optimal growth in any environment.

High Efficiency

Boasting an impressive 2.8 umol/J efficiency, XLINE offers unparalleled brightness, guaranteeing optimal growth and maximum yield for your plants.

5-year Warranty

Rest assured with our comprehensive 5-year warranty, granting you peace of mind and unwavering confidence in the enduring durability and superior performance of your investment.


Bid farewell to shadows! With XLINE’s cutting-edge design, uniform light distribution is assured, guaranteeing your plants receive consistent and uninterrupted illumination.

IP65 Waterproof

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, this IP65 waterproof-rated light protects against water and dust, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

Easy Installation

Easily and effortlessly, you can set up XLINE with our intuitive installation process, enabling you to commence cultivating your plants promptly.

Multiple Spectrums

Tailor your lighting to precisely meet your plants’ unique needs, selecting from a diverse range of light spectra that empower you to cultivate the perfect growth environment for diverse plant species.

Power 640W
Input Voltage AC 100-277V
LED Chips Samsung LM281B
PPF 1792±5% umol/s
Dimmable 0-10V
Beam Angle 120°
Product Size 1005*156*75mm
Single Net Weight 9.8 kg
Body ColarSilver
Power Factor>0.95
lifespan>50,000 hours
Number of LED’s1872 PCS
Efficacy2.8 umol/J
IP RatingIP65

An Enhanced and Cooler Strategy for Plant Growth Lighting

Our innovative XLINE LED plant light boasts a cutting-edge thermal management system that sets it apart. Expertly crafted to disperse heat efficiently, this system guarantees consistent optimal operating temperatures for the luminaire, thereby enhancing its durability and performance. With overheating concerns eliminated, you can now enjoy a cooler, safer, and more effective horticultural journey. Optimize your gardening experience with our advanced XLINE LED plant light.





The comprehensive spectrum output of this grow light provides all essential light wavelengths crucial for plants’ robust growth and development. One significant advantage lies in its versatility, as it can cater to any plant type, regardless of whether it’s grown in a greenhouse, hydroponic system, or indoors. Thanks to full-spectrum technology, plants thrive and exhibit enhanced vitality by receiving the ideal light exposure for photosynthesis. Additionally, this grow light is an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts, owing to its durability and energy efficiency. Its comprehensive spectrum capabilities and diverse applications make it a top pick for any plant lover.

Proven Success

Ideal Solution for Greenhouse Cultivation

Introducing our cutting-edge grow light, the perfect companion for greenhouse cultivation. Designed for effortless installation, this lamp offers growers a seamless setup process, allowing them to focus on maximizing productivity. Featuring shadow-free illumination and a balanced light distribution, our Plant Lamp creates an ideal growth environment for greenhouse plants, fostering robust health and abundant harvests. Embrace the future of greenhouse farming with our innovative lighting technology and take your cultivation to the next level.

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