As a supplier specializing in production and manufacturing, Agrilumia is committed to creating greater value for customers and providing excellent services and products. We focus on fulfilling the product needs specified by our customers and ensuring timely completion of projects. Agrilumia respects the independence of our clients and does not excessively participate or interfere in their projects. At the same time, we ensure that all projects comply with the laws and regulations of the respective countries. The projects showcased below adhere to local laws and regulations.

Portland cannabis farm

High Lighting Performance in Indoor Cannabis

Indoor cultivation differs significantly from greenhouse planting, as greenhouses harness natural sunlight while indoor environments solely depend on artificial illumination. For those contemplating the cultivation of cannabis plants, which can potentially reach a height of seven feet, the Agrilumia foldable XD1-6-640W grow light stands as an excellent choice for such a project. This cutting-edge lighting system, which was successfully installed and operationalized in early 2022, boasts a full-spectrum design that ensures cannabis plants thrive and flourish in an indoor environment.

Moscow indoor greenhouse

The inaugural lighting system significantly contributed to a gratifying enhancement in production output.

Our pioneering LED grow light, tailored specifically for greenhouse vine crops, has made a significant contribution to the Russian greenhouse project, notably enhancing cucumber yields by at least 30%. This accomplishment underscores the paramount importance of inter-lighting in supplementing plants’ light exposure. Agrilumia remains steadfast in its pursuit of the most efficacious solutions, enabling growers to cultivate their crops with unparalleled efficiency. Following the success of our initial inter-lighting system, Agrilumia has further upgraded and innovated to introduce the second-generation inter-lighting, offering growers even greater benefits.

L.A Indoor Cannabis Farm

Highly Valued Illumination for Vertical Cannabis Cultivation

The vertical rack system serves as an efficient solution for maximizing yield per acre. For growers aiming to optimize bud production in confined spaces, the XTRAY foldable grow light is the ideal choice. Its board-spectrum design, tailored for both vegetative and flowering stages, ensures superior plant growth. Furthermore, the rapid and effortless installation process not only saves on costs but also enhances installation efficiency, fulfilling the growers’ desires for efficiency in their projects. With the Agrilumia XTRAY foldable grow light, growers can meet their requirements and enjoy a seamless experience.

Malaysia Hydroponics Center

Enhanced Production through Sustainable Hydroponic Farming

In scenarios where growing spaces or areas are limited, container gardening offers a viable solution. Container systems make efficient use of space, leveraging a multi-tiered vertical frame design for cultivation. This approach combines low cost with high efficiency. As an example, our Malaysian customer employs containers equipped with an intelligent control system to cultivate lettuce in a controlled environment agriculture (CEA) setup.

Oakland Cannabis Farm

LED Grow Lights: Boosting Yields in Medicinal Cannabis Cultivation

Vertical farming is crucial in overcoming space constraints. The multi-tiered approach enables growers to maximize plant density, ensuring the utilization of every cubic meter of space. Indoor cultivation, devoid of natural sunlight, necessitates supplementary lighting to support plant growth. Agrilumia full-spectrum lights are pivotal in ensuring each plant reaches its full growth potential. The XTRAY grow light serves as an efficient alternative to traditional HPS lights. This project, situated in Oakland, employs 700 sets of our XTRAY Series lights. As we test our new products, we are delighted to report a bountiful harvest.

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